Course Description

Disaster Preparedness

A situational look at terrorism, fires, extreme weather and other potential disasters with an eye toward prevention and safe reaction.

Sanitary Kitchen Management
A technique based discussion on how to maintain kitchen cleanliness on a level that assures food safety, pathogen elimination and infection control.
Effective Fire Safety
Fire safety matters as does preparation for disasters. They occur in Florida nearly everyday. This course satisfies the regulatory requirements affecting Adult Family Care Homes in Florida and will give you practical strategies for maximizing safety.
Avoiding Appearance of Sexual Impropriety When Rendering Care

Our behavior matters. We can ensure we teach best practices to everyone we employ in care to ensure certain boundaries are not crossed which promotes client dignity and reduces liability.

Income Sources Group Homes Ignore
This course identifies income sources that a typical group home might ignore. Whether its an Adult Family Care Home, Adult Foster Care or Personal Care Home, the aim of this online course is to define and identify income sources you might be ignoring.
How to Conduct Effective Staff Training Sessions

When we are in the business of providing care, our staff must be equipped to do so and operate under established guidelines and protocol.  They must also work with established and enforceable procedures and policies.  We impart what they need via effective staff training and even more often, via in-service sessions.

How Best to Get Along with Difficult People

It covers critical areas of ongoing interaction that are required in a small care home that contributes to effective, non-confrontational relationship management. Relationship strategies addressing interactions with behaviorally challenged residents, care coordinators and monitors and employees are discussed with a real-life drama playing out in the text to help users visualize themselves in certain situations.

Licensing Preparatory Course for Florida Adult Family Care Homes
This is a 12-Hour Preparatory Course for Florida Adult Family Care Homes covering: Fire Safety, Laws and Statutes Applicable to the Business, Person-Centered Planning, (Strategies for focusing on each individual resident’s needs) Resident General Safety, Disaster Preparedness, Rendering Dignified Care.
Preventing Strokes and Serving Stroke Survivors

This course discusses what a stroke is, how they occur, how we can practice a routine of prevention and how we can render quality assistance to those who suffer them.

5 Keys to Make Overnight Respite Care Successful

Respite care gives family caregivers a break and reduces the stress of caregiving. Its important to know how to make these programs work.

Human Trafficking: What Care Providers Must Know to Join the Prevention Fight

Know the grungy dynamics associated with human trafficking, including how to identify victims. This course advises on specific areas of your operation wherein you can create an influence for the good and join the prevention fight.

Understanding Dementia and Alzheimer's and How They Affect Sufferers

A cosmopolitan look at Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease from Clinical Diagnosis to Active Treatment to working with those diagnosed in care delivery environments.

Effective Fire Safety & Prevention in Group Homes Course

This course provides advice on fire protection in congregate living situations. This course also covers the management of hazardous materials with a special focus on care settings.

Universal First Aid

This course will introduce you to a number of common emergency situations and their respective First Aid responses.

The Success Guide for Group Home Managers, Shift Supervisors and Managerial Support Personnel

An outstandingly practical guide for those involved in group home team leadership, human resources and management. A special section on human resources strategy and best practices.

Reducing Personal Job Stress

Advice on managing the stress associated with jobs in care delivery are designed to help personnel build productivity, improve health and fight the affects of job related feelings of being overwhelmed and fatigued.

Assisting Your Resident or Client with Fibromyalgia

This course will educate providers of care in residential settings, adult day care and home care on the impact of fibromyalgia and how you can be of support to those suffering from it.